Getting Started

1. Join a League

Sign up and join or create a league. Invite friends and wait for the draft to start. We offer both public and private leagues.

2. Draft a Team

Once everybody has joined the league, the draft happens. The draft goes in turns with each person picking one player per turn.

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Score Points

Once you've got your squad ready it's time to pick your starting lineup and subs. Players score points for a whole range of stats including goals scored, assists and clean sheets.

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Trade Players

As the season progresses you can trade players with friends or pick up unowned players. We also have a waiver system to make sure all remains fair.

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What is MLS Draft Fantasy Soccer?

Ever wanted to manage a soccer (football) team, but never had the opportunity? Draft MLS is the perfect opportunity to show off your managerial skills. In Draft MLS, every manager in your league picks a unique team of Major League Soccer players in what is known as "The Draft". The Draft progresses in turns with each manager picking a player on his turn until everyone has a full squad.

During each round of the Major League Soccer season you decide upon a starting 11. Your players score points based on their weekly performances. Trade with friends and mold the perfect team over the course of the season. Whoever has the most points by the end is crowned soccer champion. The MLS is the top soccer league in America and has some incredible players such as Giovinco, Drogba, Robbie Keane, Kei Kamara, Client Dempsey, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Andre Pirlo and Kaka.

Unique Teams

No two teams in your league own the same player. Say goodbye to template teams and boring gameweeks where everyone owns the same players.

Trade with Other Managers to Improve Your Team

Draft MLS never gets boring. Throughout the year you can change your team by trading with other players in your league or picking up unowned players. Due to our Waiver System, everyone has a fair chance of picking up new players that are added to the game or put in a surprise performance.

34 Gameweeks of Fun

Change your team on a weekly basis. Decide who will start for you and who will sit on your bench. One gameweek for every week of the MLS season.